Jacketed Plug Valve Manufacturers in Nigeria

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African Valve is the trusted Jacketed Plug Valve Manufacturers in Nigeria

African Valve is the top Jacketed Plug Valve Supplier in Nigeria. It is a type of industrial valve that is designed to perform in high-temperature or high-pressure applications. Jacketed plug valves use a tapered or cylindrical plug that rotates within the valve body to control the flow of fluid. The plug is equipped with sealing surfaces that form a tight seal against the valve body. This sealing mechanism ensures leak-tight shut-off even under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Jacketed Plug Valve offer precise temperature control, reliable sealing performance, and versatility, making them ideal for applications where temperature regulation of the process fluid is critical. 


Advantages of Jacketed Plug Valve:

● Temperature Control: The primary advantage of these is to maintain and control the temperature of the material flowing through the valve, this is essential where maintaining a specific temperature is important.

● Leakage prevention:  The jacket surrounding the valve body helps prevent external leakage of the process fluid.

● Material protection: Valves are commonly used in applications where the material being handled is sensitive to temperature changes. By maintaining a consistent temperature, these valves help to prevent the material from solidifying or experiencing by maintaining the fluid temperature above its solidification point.



●  Water Supply Systems

●  Mining and Minerals Processing

● Power Generation

●  Water and Wastewater Treatment

● Chemical Processing

●  Industrial Pumping Systems

●  Water Supply Systems



● Body material: Cast Carbon steel plug valve (WCC, WCB, WC6), Stainless Steel plug valve [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F31L, F91], duplex steel and Super duplex Steel plug valve (F51, F53, F55), Cast iron, Ductile Iron.

● Class: 150-2500; PN 10 – PN 450

● Size: 1/2”- 48”

● Operations: Lever actuated plug valve, electric actuated plug valve, pneumatic actuated plug valve, gear actuated plug valve

● Ends: Flanged, butt weld, socket weld, threaded


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